DVR-Studio Pro

DVR-Studio Pro 2.15

With DVR-Studio Pro, you can record and edit recordings of satellite receivers

The DVR-Studio Pro 2.1 is basically designed for supporting various STB models and manufacturers, which can proficiently handle MPEG2 transport streams and videos. The features of this application include capability to create cent percent lossless DVD incorporating necessary menu and audio tracks. The application can transfer modules for direct STB accessing, and writing TS data on to the STB diskettes.

The user can work proficiently with the TS data stored on the system locally, and merge files to a single recording manually as well. Apart from the easy going operations, the applications has comes with certain advanced features like error logging function with 3 different levels, patching of bit-rate in MPEG header, as well as switching software design.

DVR-Studio Pro 2 performs resourceful DVD processing and incorporates automated usage of DVR-Compress as the user can store all settings for a DVD in project files, compress recordings to the size of a DVD and the application also supports batch processing as expected. What’s more, there are even options to store cut areas, error marks, chapter marks, as well as settings of audio and video formats. Moreover, the user can also create project dependant DVD menus, project specific output directories, and also duplicate projects too.

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  • Advanced features like error-logging function with levels, and patching of bit-rate in MPEG headers


  • No audio codecs
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